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Why should I hire Consumer Home Service to work in my home?

  • Credibility
    Today, there are many individuals offering home improvement services. Quite a few of these individuals are people who are unskilled and lack knowledge and experience. Your home is the most valuable investment you will probably make. Because of this, maintaining your home should be done by people who are qualified and backed by a reputable business establishment.
  • Dependability & Reliability
    Every telephone call, appointment, and job commitment is handled with the utmost professionalism. We return all telephone calls within 24 hours and keep all appointments. We extend to you the utmost courtesy and reliability for any and all services offered.

  • Quality Workmanship
    Consumer Home Service is based on the principle that customer satisfaction must be maintained through quality workmanship if continued service is desired. What this simply means is if you are not satisfied with our workmanship the first time - there will be no second time. It is that simple. Because we want to continue to provide you with our services, we are committed to quality. Our business depends on it.

  • Price
    We are extremely competitive with pricing, and most customers find our prices to be reasonable, especially for the quality of service. In many cases, we offer volume discounts and discounts for repeat business. The more you use Consumer Home Service, the greater the savings. We take good care of our clients.

Who actually does the work? Do you subcontract any service?

All work is done by Consumer Home Service employees and under supervision. Most work is done using one to three employees, and the utmost respect and courtesy is given to you and your family. None of our employees are allowed to smoke or eat on the premises, and every precaution is taken to complete all work in a clean and professional manner.

When is payment made and what forms of payment are acceptable?

Payment is made upon completion of work after the customer makes a visual inspection and is completely satisfied that all work has been completed according to specification. Payment can be made by the following: Personal Check, Money Order, or Cash.

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